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Busylizzy Survey Results reveal 33% of new mums are looking for a new opportunity after maternity leave


Franchise operation Busylizzy, who won run fun exercise classes for mums and children and who won the bfa’s ‘Emerging Franchisor’ award in 2016, have recently surveyed their members. The survey was sent to 1000 clients who attend their classes and 561 responses were received.
Busylizzy has recently celebrated signing three new franchises in three months, which will bring the total to 17 franchisees operating across 17 territories.
The majority of the survey asked their clients who are mums and mums to be, what they thought of the Busylizzy classes and the benefits they received from attending them. However two of the questions were career/business related:
Have your career aspirations changed since having a baby?

No – 43%
Yes – 57%

What are you planning after maternity leave?

36% – Return to work in the same role/hours
29% – Return to the same job but with more flexibility
19% – New Job
14% – Start a Business
2% – Stay at home mum

These results show that over half of mothers’ career aspirations have changed since having a baby and that combined, 33% of mums want to either start their own business or get a new job after maternity leave. The 2% who want to be a ‘stay at home mum’ could also be considered ‘target audience’ due to the flexible ‘fit around the family’ nature of many franchise operations.
Busylizzy was founded in 2011 by mums Julie Clabby and Sarah Batterbury, who used their backgrounds in the leisure industry and as a solicitor to create the new company. They used modern technology to make bookings simple via an app and chose franchising as their route to expansion. 
Commenting on the results of the survey Julie Clabby,
‘Sarah and I were delighted with the results of this survey, not only for the positive feedback it gave us about our classes and the very real difference we make to the lives of mums and babies who attend them but also because it gave us great statistics about what mums are thinking career wise, after they’ve had their babies and we’re delighted to share these results with the rest of the franchise community.
She continued,
‘Busylizzy is proving to be phenomenally successful in 2018 with attendance figures at an all-time high and new franchisees coming on all the time, so these statistics just back up what we are seeing in practice every day; the post maternity leave mum of 2018 isn’t happy to be a ‘stay at home mum’ anymore, nor does she necessarily want to return to her old job; she wants a fresh start and franchising could be a great way forward for her.’ 
Busylizzy are always looking for more like-minded people to join their organisation. To find out more about available children franchises please take a look around our site, or make an enquiry below.
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Source: Franchise UK