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How much does a ChipsAway franchise cost?


ChipsAway franchise cost and why you should consider investing
Every year the number of cars in the UK goes up. Between 2015 and 2016, the total number of vehicles increased by an incredible 600,000. There are now around 26 million cars on the country’s roads, with many households owning multiple vehicles. The South East of England has one of the highest rates of vehicle ownership in the country, with around 561 cars for every 1,000 people. As a result of this high level of car ownership, the demand for automotive services is on the up. These millions of car owners need companies to clean, fix and repair their vehicles in order to keep them working well and looking great.
One of the most recognisable names in cosmetic vehicle repair, ChipsAway has been repairing cosmetic damage to vehicles for over 20 years. Unlike some other automotive repair companies, ChipsAway repairs minor damage to vehicles at a time and place that suits their customers. This has created a flexible business model that’s proven to be popular across the country. The business has used franchising to expand quickly and efficiently and now has over 200 mobile car body repair specialists in its network. With demand on the up, could now be the perfect time to join them by starting a ChipsAway franchise of your own?
What ChipsAway offers customers
In order to understand a franchise’s appeal, and therefore get an idea of its viability, it’s important to take a look at what exactly it offers its customers and what makes it unique. When it comes to ChipsAway, their USP is quick, convenient and affordable repairs. All the work they carry out comes with a lifetime guarantee and all ChipsAway specialists are regularly assessed to ensure they’re carrying out work to the required standard.
Like some other companies working in the industry, ChipsAway uses the SMART repair technique. This allows them to repair paintwork scratches, minor dents, bumper scuffs and damaged alloy wheels without taking their customer’s vehicle to a body shop. These repairs are carried out on site at customers’ homes, offices or another place of their choosing. This makes the services offered by ChipsAway exceptionally convenient for drivers everywhere.
What ChipsAway offers franchisees
There are a number of key benefits that ChipsAway offers to franchisees investing in the business. As with all franchise opportunities, investing in ChipsAway gives you the chance to be your own boss. You’ll have more flexibility over your timetable and the freedom to make decisions about your business and benefit from your own hard work. ChipsAway claims that hard-working franchisees can benefit from a supply of £75,000 worth of work from head office every year, giving you a huge amount of earning potential.
As a franchisee, you’ll benefit directly from the brand’s national marketing campaigns. This is crucial when attracting new business and can make a huge difference when trying to build your customer base. The company runs TV ad campaigns, SEO campaigns and offline marketing campaigns, all of which help to boost brand awareness and encourage customers to choose you over the competition.
When you sign up to be a ChipsAway franchisee, you’ll receive full training from the brand at their dedicated training centre in Worcestershire. During this training you’ll be taught how to use SMART techniques to get rid of minor dents, scuffs and scratches and return customers’ cars to perfect condition. Training is fully accredited and is designed on the assumption that you have no previous knowledge of the industry.
This training will allow you to begin working with customers just weeks after taking on your franchise. Even after you’ve qualified as a ChipsAway specialist, you’ll receive on-going support from the brand, helping you to keep standards high and ensure all your customers are happy.
As business acumen is just as important as practical skill when opening a ChipsAway franchise, you’ll also receive business, sales and marketing training when launching your franchise. This training will help you to find customers, promote your brand and begin building the foundations of a successful enterprise.
When you sign up to become a ChipsAway franchisee, you’ll be given your very own exclusive territory. This will give you access to thousands of motorists and thousands of vehicles. Around 50% of these vehicles are likely to be in need of cosmetic repairs, giving you a huge potential customer base to work with.
Most importantly, when you become a ChipsAway franchisee, you’ll be able to trade under the ChipsAway name. The business is one of the most recognised brands in the industry and already has a wide network of customers across the country. It’s trusted by car owners and others in the automotive industry and so is often the first port of call for individual drivers and companies looking to repair minor damage to their vehicles.
One of the most challenging aspects of launching a new business is building a good reputation in your industry. By becoming a ChipsAway franchisee you’ll be able to skip this step and get a real head start on the competition. The brand’s on-going marketing and advertising efforts help to boost its reputation further and keep it fresh in the minds of all your potential clients.
The cost of becoming a ChipsAway franchisee
When investing in any franchise, it’s important to have a clear idea of the costs involved. If you want to become a ChipsAway franchisee, you’ll need to pay £29,995 plus VAT. If you don’t have access to this level of funding, speak to your local bank. Lenders are often able to cover up to 50% of the costs required to invest in a franchise, putting the opportunity well within reach of many ambitious entrepreneurs.
Most people who become ChipsAway franchisees initially opt for a van-based franchise. The start-up costs of this type of business are generally much lower than franchises that require bricks and mortar premises. Running costs will also be lower as there are fewer bills and expenses to cover. As businesses grow, franchisees can add more vans to their fleet, build their own Car Care Centre or talk to the franchise about expanding their territory.
Who can become a ChipsAway franchisee?
All you need to become a ChipsAway franchisee, aside from the financial resources, is enthusiasm, dedication and ambition. No previous experience in the automotive industry is required, although if you have worked with cars in the past, you may well find it an advantage. The training you receive from ChipsAway will allow you to operate your business to a high standard.
If you think you’re the right person to run a ChipsAway franchise, you’ll need to get in touch with the business to find out about the opportunities available. As the company awards exclusive territories to its franchisees, you’ll need to check that there is a territory still available in your local area.
Find out more about franchise opportunities in the automotive industry, and the franchise industry in general, by taking a look around our site today.
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