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What are the best kinds of franchise to run from home?


Franchise businesses you can run from home
Knowing that one wants to run a business is just a start – knowing the kind of business one wants to run is much more helpful. However, with the plethora of potential franchise opportunities available, it can be a daunting and confusing decision to make. No one wants to invest their hard-earned money into a venture only to discover that it doesn’t work for them. This is why research is crucial before any money exchanges hands.
Many people who are interested in buying a franchise want to be able to work from home, giving them freedom and the opportunity to spend more time with their families. With franchising this is entirely possible and although franchisees may need to leave the home to visit clients, they can still work their own hours and be flexible when they need to be. The following are businesses you can run from home UK and each can be bought as a franchise.
Food and drink
Everyone needs to eat and if you can provide healthy, tasty, convenient food and drink then you could easily make yourself a successful business. You could open a café or restaurant, but the hours could be long and the freedom that was so looked forward to wouldn’t be forthcoming.
Alternatively, a mobile sandwich truck or coffee shop could be ideal. Triple Two Coffee is exactly that kind of venture and they’re looking for new franchisees. Their ethos is that good food and coffee doesn’t have to cost the earth and that everyone should be able to have their own freshly made food to enjoy when they want it. This kind of franchise would find a pitch on a business park, shopping centre or similar site where there is a lot of footfall and where the reputation for excellent quality food and drink would help bring customers in.
Cleaning companies
In the UK the cleaning industry is worth approximately £5.6 million and owning a franchise that earns even a fraction of that is certainly something to consider. One of the downsides to owning a cleaning company is that it is a competitive market and there are many other cleaning businesses vying for the same work as you. However, buying the right franchise means that you will have a recognised brand behind you and plenty of training that can be utilised to gain customers.
If you look into businesses you can run from home UK and were to buy a cleaning company franchise, there are a number of different options for you. There is, of course, the traditional cleaning company model that focuses on private homes or office spaces. Although initially you may be required to go out and do the work yourself, over time you will be able to hire cleaners and your job would become much more of a management role. An example of this kind of franchise is Domestique, which has been operating in the UK since 2005 and offering franchises since 2010.
If you want to begin as a manager, then your initial investment may need to be higher – as is the case with Diamond Home Support, which does not require you to directly employ anyone and is a potentially completely work from home position.
Carpet cleaning is another potential franchise idea. Cleaning Doctor offers this type of franchise, which requires franchisees or their employees to go into homes and offices and bring dirty carpets back to looking their best.
Alcohol-based businesses
In the UK over 47 million bottles of gin were bought from September 2016 to September 2017, so a gin-based business might seem as though it is going to be a successful franchise to look into. As businesses you can run from home UK go, gin really is becoming one of the most popular.
As well as gin, many small craft breweries and distilleries are opening across the country and this love of trying new and exciting alcoholic drinks is something that the UK can really get behind. This is particularly true when we start to look at how well mixers are doing and all the varieties that are available today.
As with the food model, there are ways to sell alcohol that involve opening a premises such as a bar, pub or a shop. However, for those who want to work from home those options aren’t going to appeal. For these people, a franchise such as Dial-A-Beer might be more suitable. This business opportunity involves delivering drinks to people’s homes and it is gaining popularity. Another option could be to open a mobile cocktail bar like the ones that Beetle Juice supply. Beetle Juice can be found at a variety of outdoor events, such as festivals, and what makes them stand out (and what makes them popular) is that their bar is a converted Volkswagen Beetle.
Pet franchises
The UK has always been known as a pet loving country and with 54 million pets owned in 2017, there is a huge potential market for any kind of pet service. These kinds of services are ideal as businesses you can run from home UK and you can choose to either be completely home based (selling pet-related goods and accessories, for example) or you can choose a mobile service business (such as pet walking or grooming).
A dog walking franchise is a fun business to run as well as a profitable one. Many people adore their dogs but due to working long hours or having mobility issues walking their pets is impossible. A dog walking franchise such as Walk My Dog will allow you to work under a recognised brand name and use specially designed marketing materials. There is no additional outlay because there is no specialist equipment and the bonus of a dog walking franchise is that it is a healthy way to make money.
Pet grooming needs more training and more specialist equipment than dog walking, but once that training is complete and the equipment is bought, there are very few additional expenditures. This is especially true if you choose to buy a pet grooming franchise (such as Dial A Dog Wash) because much of the marketing will already have been done for you.
Pet sitting can also be a lucrative business and when you start to search for businesses you can run from home UK you may come across franchises such as Paw Pals and Barking Mad. Both of these are pet sitting businesses that can be run from home. The choice is yours as to whether you board animals at your own home or look after pets in their owners’ homes – it’s a flexible idea that can lead to a fun, flexible, enjoyable way of life.
Businesses you can run from home UK are all around if you carry out the research required. They offer exceptional work–life balance as well as potentially high profits, meaning that you can look after your family and be with them as much as you can as well. Since there aren’t many businesses that can give this kind of flexible working structure it is well worth investing in a home-based franchise.
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