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Who are the Property Franchise Group?


Property Franchise Group
The Property Franchise Group has been steadily growing for the last 25 years and in that time their franchise model has become one that people know and trust. Taking the time to ensure that it is right for both franchisee and franchisor has meant that more and more people have decided that it is the right route for them. Property is an exciting sector to get into, especially now that house prices are looking positive once more.
The key thing with the Property Franchise Group is that each of the brands that it has under its expansive umbrella is its own distinct company, unique and recognisable from any of its sister companies, yet with the quality ethos and aims that the group has as a whole. Rather than having to follow one strict path to success, each individual company with the Property Franchise Group can work to its own schedule and design, as long as it complies with the overall goals of the group.
Property Franchise Group facts
There are some important facts that any prospective franchisee should know about the Property Franchise Group. The first – perhaps the most important – is that it is the UK’s number one property franchise company. That means that if property is the route a franchisee is intending to go down, Property Franchise Group is the first (and probably only) business to contact regarding franchise opportunities.
Within its group there are six award-winning brands: Martin & Co (a national lettings agent), EweMove (a new kind of hybrid estate agent combining traditional methods with online work), CJ Hole (an agent that dominates the South West of the country), Ellis & Co (working in London), Parkers (most often found along the M4 corridor) and Whitegates (which is based in the Midlands and North of the UK).
In total, there are almost 300 different Property Franchise Group offices operating across the UK. What is particularly impressive about these numbers is that over 60 per cent of these branches have been operating as franchises for more than five years and they have a total of nearly 50,000 tenanted managed properties.
How to become a Property Franchise Group franchisee
Passion is the most important element that anyone needs to become a Property Franchise Group franchisee. That’s because background doesn’t matter too much, and property experience is not a prerequisite of becoming part of the Property Franchise Group.
Drive, passion and a willingness to make things work to your best ability are the major requirements to be an estate agent under the Property Franchise Group. Training will be given, and questions will be answered, because it is important that anyone interested in doing this fits in well with the brand. The group is doing so well that there is absolutely no room for error. This is rather a double-edged sword, since someone who is keen to join in must be headed for success – the Property Franchise Group does not have time for those who lag behind the others.
For those who think that they can keep up, it is simply a case of visiting the Property Franchise Group website and completing a form or downloading an information pack.
Franchise owners come from a variety of different backgrounds including property, banking, retail and other business arenas. Training is included as part of the franchise package, so as long as you are ready and willing to learn, you can be just as successful with this franchise as you would be if you had many years of experience in the property sector.
Joining routes
There are a number of different ways to join the Property Franchise Group as a franchisee. The first (and perhaps the most popular) is a ‘cold start’. That means choosing to buy an estate agency as a franchise and getting in touch to start from scratch. Alternatively, there may be an existing office within the Property Franchise Group that becomes available, and buying that is another option – this can be a good route to go down because, as an established business, there will already be customers and you can start from an advanced level.
It is entirely possible to acquire an independent estate agency through your own means and then choose to have it become part of the Property Franchise Group; it would essentially be re-launched with a new identity. You can also do this with an agency that you already own. Many independent estate agents have chosen to subsequently become part of the Property Franchise Group as it allows them access to essential support and marketing opportunities as well as on-going training, which is not always possible when working independently.
If a potential franchisee is not sure which route to choose, there will always be someone they can speak to within the Property Franchise Group who will be able to show them the right way – everyone is different and works differently, and that’s why there are a variety of estate agent brands within the Property Franchise Group; it means that anyone who is keen to become a property agent has the chance to do just that with plenty of support and backup too.
Training and support
We have mentioned the training and support that the Property Franchise Group offers to all franchisees and it is important to note the details of this, especially as it forms part of the entire package and no launch would be complete without it.
The Property Franchise Group is proud of the training that it provides and the support that it offers. Each franchise operates for an initial term of five years and throughout that time training is on-going and support is only a phone call away.
The start-up training on offer is comprehensive, covering every aspect of what it means to own and operate a property franchise. It will focus on the brand in question rather than offering a generic training system that won’t work for everyone.
The support and training all begins with the analysis of the proposed territory for the new franchise, ensuring that it is going to be successful and profitable and that there is room for an estate agent working in this way. As well as this, Property Franchise Group assists potential franchisees with any business plans that need to be drawn up in order to obtain funding and, if necessary, will provide support to obtain that funding.
If the franchisee wishes to operate from high street premises, part of the support offered by the Property Franchise Group is to help find a place that is suitable – if the office needs to be re-fitted they have a list of trusted contractors who can do that.
When it comes to possible expansion, Property Franchise Group are able to support franchisees in this too, ensuring that additional territories are vetted as well as the first was.
Which brand?
The interesting thing – the thing that makes Property Franchise Group really stand out – is the different brands that work under its name. Since each is completely distinct from the others, a franchisee is able to find one that suits their working methods and their personality the best. 300 offices and six successful, dynamic brands that have been purposefully designed to be individual means that picking the right element of the franchise is much easier; it means that more people can join in and be part of the overall success.
No matter which brand is chosen, the level of support from the Property Franchise Group will remain the same.
If you’d like to find out more about different Property Franchises, please fill out the enquiry form below and we will be in touch.
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Source: Franchise UK