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Why you should consider investing in a Revive! franchise


Although it’s not something many of us like to think about when we’re behind the wheel, at some point most drivers will have a small crash or a knock that will damage the bodywork of their car and cause it to require repairs. Even if these scratches, scuffs and dents are purely aesthetic and don’t interfere with the running of the car in any way, getting these imperfections fixed is a priority for many drivers.
This demand for quick and efficient auto repairs has driven a steep increase in the number of businesses offering specialist services in recent years. Many of these new businesses offer services that are designed to fit easily around their customers’ needs, with mobile repair companies an obvious example of this growing trend.
One franchise that spotted the potential of quick and affordable mobile repairs a few years ago is Revive! Fast becoming one of the most recognised names in the industry, Revive! offers its customers a convenient service at an affordable price. Now a franchise, it’s looking for hardworking and ambitious investors across the country to join the business and launch a Revive! franchise of their own.
The Revive! Franchise Background
The Revive! franchise uses the SMART repair technique to fix minor bumps, dents and scratches. SMART stands for Small to Medium Repair Technology. It uses specialist paints, tools and techniques to repair damage without replacing the entire affected panel. This makes SMART faster and more affordable than traditional repair techniques, with many jobs completed in just a couple of hours.
One of the biggest benefits offered by the business model is that Revive! travels to its customers rather than vice versa. The repair work is done at a time and place that’s convenient to them, making it a lot easier for clients to have minor scrapes, scratches and dents repaired.
Mark Llewellyn, managing director of Revive! came across the SMART repairs concept when travelling in Canada. He introduced the process to the UK way back in 1994 under the master franchise of Colourworks. It was during this time that Llewellyn met Terry Mullen, a small business advisor at NatWest. The two realised the huge potential of SMART and worked together for four years to build the necessary capital to buy out the master franchise and build a business of their own. In 2004, Revive! was born and it’s been going from strength to strength ever since.
Now one of the leading cosmetic vehicle repair brands in the UK, Revive! works with both individuals and companies to restore cars to their former glory. Thanks to its reputation as a reliable and capable service provider, the business has grown quickly and now has over 70 franchises across the UK.
The need for mobile vehicle repairs
According to Revive! around 50% of vehicles currently have damage to their alloy wheels or bodywork. As this damage is often purely cosmetic, a lot of drivers put off having the repairs done as they don’t want to lose use of their vehicle while work is being carried out. One of the benefits of the way Revive! works is that the repair service goes to its customers, taking all the hassle out of getting a car repaired. With the number of cars getting scuffed, scratched or dented every day unlikely to drop any time soon, the demand for these convenient and affordable mobile services is likely to go up in the future.
Many of the drivers who use these mobile repair services are doing so purely to improve the look of their cars. However, a lot of car owners also invest in Revive! services to increase the resale value of their vehicle. Cosmetic damage can easily knock hundreds of pounds off a vehicle’s price tag. Getting this damage fixed can pay dividends when it comes to putting a car up for sale.
The benefits of running a Revive! franchise
For entrepreneurs looking for an affordable and potentially lucrative franchise opportunity, Revive! has a number of major benefits. For a start, unlike other franchises available in the automotive industry, Revive! franchisees don’t need to invest in expensive commercial premises. A key part of the business model is that it operates from a van. As well as being much more convenient for customers this makes Revive! a more affordable option for potential investors. As franchisees can operate the business themselves rather than employing a team of staff, it ensures overheads will be low, something that is a real advantage in the early days of any business.
Working for yourself as a franchisee gives you a lot more control over your timetable and your work–life balance. This can help you to get more out of both your professional life and your home life while giving you the chance to build a successful venture that will support you and your family.
As with any franchise, running a Revive! business gives you the chance to work for yourself. As your own boss, you’ll have more control over your timetable and will be able to work at improving your work–life balance. Although making a franchise successful takes time, effort and commitment, you should have a little more flexibility in your weekly schedule, something that can go a long way to improving job satisfaction.
Who can run a Revive! franchise?
As a rapidly growing company, Revive! is currently on the lookout for more ambitious and hardworking entrepreneurs to join its team. Although previous experience of the automotive industry is an advantage when launching a franchise of this type, it’s not required by the franchisor. All they ask is that you’re willing to undergo training to master the techniques they use.
The training you’ll receive covers all aspects of running a Revive! franchise. You’ll be taught how to use the tools and the processes necessary to repair a variety of scratches, scrapes and scuffs and return damaged vehicles to their former glory. The training will take place over a four-week residential course that all new franchisees are required to attend. In the fifth week, you’ll be out working in your own Revive! van, fully supported by one of the brand’s technical team. Once this training is complete, you should be ready to get out on your own and start building your business.
The costs of investing in a Revive! franchise
The Revive! franchise fee is £27,500+VAT. If you don’t have this sort of finance available, you may well find that bank loans can help you to achieve the required level of investment. For your money, you’ll get a large exclusive territory, national marketing, your own area of the main Revive! website and on-going support and training from the Revive! head office. Most importantly, you’ll also be able to use the Revive! name. This should give your business instant brand recognition among your potential customer base and help you to hit the ground running.
Investing in a franchise is a great way to grow a business without having to start from scratch. If you’d like to find out more about how franchises work, or if you want to learn about the available opportunities, take a look around our site or contact a member of our team.
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